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Gain Insight into ERP Solutions

Traditional monolithic megasuites, with their high cost, complexity and rigidity — and heritage of on-premises insularity — simply do not offer enough options to win in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why 60 percent of organisations today use more than one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, and why it should come as no surprise that only 40 percent of organisations have an ERP integration and deployment strategy in place. NTT DATA can help by bringing an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience.

Our tools optimise and support your ERP environments and business processes. Our technical expertise spans all ERP applications and processes across industries and business functions, including financial management, asset management and operations management. In addition, our proprietary Time to Value Framework helps you achieve business value in as little as 11 weeks. If your ERP platform could benefit from simplification, talk to us today.

A Trusted ERP Application Partner

Our global team of more than 13,000 ERP specialists, decades of delivery excellence and extensive, well-established library of proprietary ERP tools and accelerators ensure not only greater efficiency and lower risk, but also reduced total cost of ownership.


Gain insight into your ERP applications and processes to improve your operations


Use best-in-class ERP services for application configuration, implementation, integration services


Build competitive advantage with the latest tools, technologies, processes


Benefit from continuous modernisation of your ERP applications with our cost-effective frameworks

NTT DATA supports ERP applications through 53 delivery centres in 28 countries.

Our Services

Microsoft ERP Solutions

Transform the way your organisation aggregates and uses information. Leverage our proven expertise to help your organisation make smarter decisions.

Oracle ERP Solutions

Deploy and manage your Oracle ERP systems more efficiently, reliably and consistently than ever before.

SAP ERP Solutions

Partner with a world-class SAP provider to achieve the enterprise-grade digital business you need to take on today’s industry challenges.

We deliver $1.5 billion in SAP-related services revenue, globally.