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The digital application development landscape is rapidly changing. Our business-first approach and knowledge of the vendor and partner ecosphere help you choose the technologies that match your unique requirements. At the start of your API journey, it is essential to formulate a strategy that addresses the entire digital API lifecycle. CIOs need a plan to streamline and optimise business IT with digital API services that are tailored to meet the organisation’s unique business goals and requirements.

NTT DATA can help. We address the entire API lifecycle, from initial consulting services through development, testing, deployment, management and support. Our architecture definition and implementation services help you design and develop APIs, implement and customize API management products, and set up an enterprise API platform Our deep industry knowledge and subject matter expertise can help you create a digital API strategy and roadmap ahead.

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We are your one-stop shop for API services. Our dedicated team of experts who specialise in APIs, both open and proprietary, help you build and execute a successful strategy.

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In today’s connected world, your business needs to accelerate mobile and web application delivery to improve customer engagement, create new revenue channels and opportunities, and stay competitive. In addition, your organisation must keep up with the daily proliferation of new channels and devices, as well as competition from digital disruptors — all while providing a seamless user experience. Application programming interfaces (APIs) can play a central role in helping you achieve these goals and facilitate your expansion and growth in a fiercely competitive digital world. They can help you extend business capabilities, functions and information assets for internal and external use.

Digital API Services by NTT DATA can help you be successful, no matter where you are in your API adoption journey. Our unique set of services provide end-to-end API solutions — from helping you create the right strategy, to selecting technology/tools, to actual implementations, governance and ongoing support. We tailor our services to meet your organisation’s unique goals and requirements, enabling you to streamline and optimise your business. Digital API Services can help define the right architecture for your APIs, implement or customise commodity off-the-shelf API management products to suit your specific needs, and manage large-scale, multiyear API adoption programmes across your enterprise.

Our global support teams can help manage and maintain your APIs and API platforms, fine-tune and enhance your quality of service through continuous improvement plans, and help manage and build your brand with your developer community. We can help you explore, envision, enable and execute your digital journey with the expertise you need to be successful. Let us be your one-stop shop for all API-related needs, from defining a strategy and roadmap and developing your business case, to prototyping, development, management product selection, and implementation and managed services.

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