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State Health and Human Service agencies can no longer wait to implement and modernize information technologies that support rapidly changing program needs and move away from legacy, stove-piped systems supporting single programs. Our consulting services team is uniquely qualified to help you modernize, plan, procure and implement a range of HHS systems, including Medicaid, integrated eligibility, child support, child welfare and WIC solutions. Together, we can address changing program policy and populations, as well as state and federal mandates.

With nearly three decades of experience working with 49 states and the federal government, we help develop, manage and execute large, complex health information technology implementations. We stand committed to completing tasks on schedule, on budget and in compliance with state and federal mandates. Inspired by the mission of HHS programs to support the health and independence of citizens, we believe that successful IT projects are critical to mission success. Let’s start the conversation.

Program & Project Management

Our proven project management methodology follows industry-standard processes and focuses on four basic project management objectives to help HHS agencies envision and transform their systems:


Deliver high-quality products that address state objectives and organizational goals and meet end user requirements


Identify potential problems before they develop and initiate appropriate mitigation strategies or corrective actions


Complete project activities on schedule and within budget, while adhering to project requirements


Communicate accurately and in a timely manner to project participants and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle

Our solutions have been implemented in 49 of the 50 states and territories.

Our Services

Data Management

Provide data governance framework, methodology and tools for the transmission, sharing, use and analysis of data across the enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture

Implement today’s best architectures by leveraging our industry-leading modular systems planning and MITA-aligned strategies.

Portfolio & Project Management

Implement portfolio and project management services with strategic governance, comprehensive management controls and fact-based reporting.

Procurement Management

Deliver modern strategies with our structured approach and proven tools to help successfully manage your procurements.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Evaluate and assess state project based on industry standards and best practices related to quality planning, assurance, control, improvement and testing.

System Integration Management

Develop modularity and system integration strategies, procure systems integrator and providing oversight or systems integration activities.