a competitive advantage with smart technology.


Whether or not your systems satisfy today’s operational requirements, they may be insufficient to meet tomorrow’s global demands. Our manufacturing solutions develop and deploy technology platforms that integrate dated, siloed business models to enhance competition.



Increase Plant Productivity and Simplify Complex Challenges

Heavy equipment and discrete manufacturing companies work in an increasingly dynamic and competitive global market. We can help. We understand the business challenges associated with complex global markets and new technologies. You will leverage technology to innovate processes, reduce costs and be more competitive. You’ll get the technology and support you need though our suite of end-user managed service and a patented, field-proven transformational methodology. And ultimately, you will streamline your outbound supply chain and transform processes so that your equipment is delivered where it needs to be, and on time.

Our Services

Application Development & Maintenance

Standardise IT systems to accelerate new product releases and facilitate supply chain management.

Cloud Services

Improve capacity to manage complex operations with flexible, secure software-driven computing that encourages growth without the high cost.

Data & Analytics

Access information from multiple data sites to provide valuable insights for improved decision-making.

Internet of Things

Promote information access and sharing with an integrated network that connects people, processes and systems across the enterprise.


Mobile Applications

Harness mobile capabilities for field workers to share and access real-time information as needed without reducing productivity.

SAP Applications

Maximise business operations with integrated applications that gather information and manage primary business functions.

Virtual Workspace Services

Deliver desktops and applications quickly and securely with anytime, anywhere centralised system deployment and management.

Engineer holding microchip

MKS Instruments modernises its business to keep pace with growth.


Get the technology and support that you need though our suite of end-user managed services and a patented, field-proven transformational methodology.

Industrial & Heavy Equipment Manufacturing