Embrace innovative technologies to streamline operations.

Whether your goal is to incorporate digital technologies into your factory or meet stringent environmental regulations, you’ll need to improve operations while reducing costs. Our manufacturing solutions implement smart factory technologies that accelerate operations affordably.


Improve Manufacturing Processes and Boost Competitiveness

The auto manufacturing industry is experiencing unprecedented change. Not only must you address changing buying habits, but you also wrestle with how to incorporate new digital technologies into your factory floors. We bring solutions you need to build a smart factory and a future-ready business. By partnering with us, you’ll access the expertise and business processes to embrace new technologies such as sensors, mobility, social media and analytics. In addition, we help improve your core manufacturing and processes to boost competitiveness, including a more agile supply chain, new markets and a more satisfying, seamless car buying experience for the customer.

Our Services

In-Car Services

Help manufacturers and suppliers improve in-car and connected services.


BMW drives an integrated digital infrastructure and reaps success.


From factory to dealer to customer, win in the digital automotive world.