R&D Insights for Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development

Our insights platform helps deliver faster, more efficient treatment development

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Our Insights Platform is powerful foundation for data integration (including data from remote patient monitoring devices and EHRs) advanced analytics, genomics, drug discovery and pre-clinical development that can cut your time to market dramatically. It can also help you reduce the need for clinical trials and reduce the risk of failure in the trials you undertake, dramatically reducing the time and cost of treatment development, benefiting patients, payers and your organization’s success.

Reduce the need for clinical trials, the risk of failure and costs in trials with our integrated Insights Platform.

We can help


Create more effective relationships with systems that keep you closer to patients, providers and health plans


Speed up research and development and tame costs with effective use of integrated data


Be ready for the next leap forward with an agile cloud platform


Give researchers access to real world experience data to better target therapies

Our solutions:

Accelerate Biopharmaceutical R&D through Advanced Cognitive Computing
Our cognitive computing approach is designed to be a platform for the next generation of self-learning, knowledge computing solutions that can be affordable for research programs of all sizes. Our cloud-based ‘intelligence-as-a-service’ foundation is capable of self-learning from data sources that have traditionally not been integrated, allowing more efficient incorporation of both current and emerging data sources.
Accelerate R&D with Real World Evidence
Life Sciences Research and Development by NTT DATA provides a scalable, end-to-end, plug-and-play architecture to integrate your existing and new systems, from early preclinical discovery through all phases of clinical trials. NTT DATA can facilitate ongoing relationships with hospitals and health systems, speeding your access to patients and the data you need.
Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development with Faster and More Accurate in silico Modeling for Biosimulation
With our experience in IT systems integration and life sciences, NTT DATA can help guide your R&D initiatives involving bio-simulation, genomics, precision medicine, real-world evidence, cognitive computing, laboratory information management and population health. Our advances in the areas of cognitive computing and interoperability combined with our suite of cloud technologies and data management tools can increase the efficiency of your drug discovery and development.