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Improving patient outcomes with actionable insights

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A Lake of Data

As predictive and prescriptive analytics become critical capabilities for healthcare organisations, and as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in patient care, fishing in a data warehouse becomes paramount.


Use Analytics to Your Advantage

Data is the lifeblood of the next-generation health system, and innovative use of analytics will drive better health outcomes. We provide an end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services for health care analytics. A recognized leader in healthcare IT, we’ll help you predict and manage risk, improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency, and reduce the time and effort of regulatory reporting.

The benefits are many; you will improve patient outcomes, transform the health of a population or use the analytic tools to help you better understand and manage the complex relationship between patients, health outcomes and healthcare systems. Learn how our data integration and management solution can help you collaborate across the healthcare continuum. Let’s get started today.

Improve Clinical Outcomes Through Insights

With more access to data than ever before, you can harness business analytics to improve patient care.


Improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency


Cut the costs and time associated with regulatory reporting


Improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency

Our Services

Operational Analytics

Improve the quality and efficiency of your operations with actionable insights by monitoring and understanding key operational metrics.

Population Health Analytics

Aggregate patient data across multiple resources and turn that data into a single, actionable patient record.

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate and avoid adverse events and apply resources where they are needed most by predictive analytics and statistical modeling technologies.

Quality Improvement & Compliance Analytics

Implement a platform to support various clinical quality programmes and regulatory reporting requirements, including applications for clinical quality measures.