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Transform how you serve patients with new products and services

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Take Third-Party Capabilities to the Next Level

For today’s heath practitioners, change is constant. There are new services to offer, complex federal, provincial, and territorial regulations to comply with, and higher patient expectations. And you must balance all this while also improving the patient experience and managing provider networks. We can help. Our Platform Enablement services help you streamline and optimize. Our proven methodologies help you take third-party operational capabilities to the next level.


We help you implement new applications to gain new functionality, upgrade existing applications to improve operations, or optimize end-to-end functionality with confidence. Seamlessly manage enrolment, billing, reporting, patient care management and provider data and ultimately improve the patient experience. See how our long history of technology leadership and industry expertise can help you transform your operations.

Optimise Third-Party Applications

Our approach to health care third-party solutions help you manage, design and integrate next-generation platforms. These solutions can be delivered individually or in a Business Process-as-a-Service model.


Lower administrative costs through proven implementation methodologies, best practices


Make better decisions with insights from business intelligence, analytics


Improve patient experience with advanced patient care management

Our Services

BPO & Business Process Design

Boost quality and transaction speed while controlling costs and improving policy administration with integrated business process and technology solutions.

Configuration, Conversion, Integration & Development

Achieve dramatic improvements in the performance and agility of your IT environment with a well-designed, integrated infrastructure.

Consulting & System Tuning

Unlock efficiency, improve business performance and lower costs with value-based consulting, operational and system assessments, and implementation and support services.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Gain meaningful insights from data, manage costs and lower risks with advanced analytics and integrated data from multiple sources.

Implementation, Upgrade & Delivery Management

Ensure seamless system implementation and delivery management without disrupting existing operations with our holistic deployment approach.

Patient Care Management

Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction through wellness, chronic disease management and case management programs.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Improve service quality, drive down costs and meet stringent regulatory demands with testing services customised to your needs.

System Support & Configuration Management

Maximise uptime, increase efficiency and ensure environment consistency with expert system support and configuration management.