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Improving efficiencies and engagement with a modular solution

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Your enrolment and billing solution should engage your corporate clients and new consumer members alike.


Launch Your Private Exchange

Our Enrolment and Billing solution enables secure, real-time quality transactions between health plans and their members and clients, providers, vendors and government organisations and systems. You can quickly enrol individuals and groups for public and private models, and easily connect to the federally facilitated marketplace and state health insurance exchanges. Plus, you can execute data quality checks and payment integration and turn around premiums faster. NTT DATA is a recognised leader in healthcare IT services, and more than 50 insurance organisations trust us to support millions of their subscribers and dependents.

Our solutions cover a wide range of public or private exchanges for individuals or groups, and our robust applications manage the full range of enrolment, pricing, billing, reimbursement and reporting. We help you ensure speed, flexibility and accuracy with improved customer satisfaction, regardless of your volumes. See how we can work together to streamline your enrolment and billing, decrease any revenue leakage, and improve your member and client experiences with an efficient and flexible modularised solution.

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Premium Billing in a Consumer-Driven World

Your members want a consumer experience in their healthcare relationships. That’s why complete and accurate information is crucial in the billing and payments processes. Are things adding up?


Improve Your Enrolment and Billing

Our flexible and multi-option approach to health plan enrolment and billing solutions helps you quickly enrol new groups and members accurately. You will also streamline invoice processing, ensuring accurate payments and adjustments.


Invoice processing and receipts for accurate payments and adjustments


Lower administrative costs and increase cash flow through innovative solutions


An unlimited number of complex contractual and payment relationships


Easily introduce new health, ancillary and related products

Our Services

Broker Portal

Get easy broker administration with flexible calculations for commissions and incentives, with payment management.

Compliance & Reporting

Track your metrics with a clear dashboard view and generate accurate and timely compliance and regulatory reports.

Enrollment & Eligibility Verification

Simplify benefits management and reporting and increase enrolment and participant satisfaction with efficient group contract and enrolment processing.

Interfaces & Integration

Effectively manage and analyse member interactions and data with seamless integration across federal systems and state agencies and other vendors.

Premium Billing & Payment

Our solutions can help you ensure accurate billing, revenue recognition and receivables management, for individual, group or split bills.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Robust testing, using our ready-to-use solutions and frameworks or tailored to your specific needs, can ensure success when you go live.

Rating & Quoting

Get a robust solution for quoting new prospects, delivering customised proposals and designing and easily deploying new plan and bundles.

Benefit from an enterprise integration solution offered for private exchanges to enable secure, real-time quality transactions between health plans and their stakeholders.