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Join NTT DATA at the WSTA Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience Seminar, an event designed to share visions and experiences on leading-edge methods to handle obstacles and accelerate the digital customer experience (DCX) journey. We are the Luncheon Speaking Sponsor at this year’s event. Participants will learn:

  • Which emerging DCX technologies deliver the biggest bang for the buck
  • How to beef up cybersecurity, data governance, and infrastructure to address the challenges posed by DCX
  • How to optimally staff and organize to implement DCX
  • How to measure the success of DCX initiatives
  • How to partner effectively to deliver a holistic DCX experience

Join Our Session

Join us at 9:45 a.m. on September 19 for our session with Lisa Woodley, customer experience and digital vice president. In “Reimagining the Employee Experience: Place Employees at the Heart of Your Strategy and See Even Greater Returns,” she will share new research on employee experience commissioned by NTT DATA.

Many financial services institutions look to workplace productivity solutions to save costs. But cost is only one of the benefits banks should be considering when digitizing the workplace. Research findings, commissioned by NTT DATA Services, reveal that more than 80% of respondents who factored employee input into their strategy experienced greater productivity in the workplace. Not only do these companies experience less resistance to change, they also see increased revenue, and, for 81% of companies, more innovation overall. Learn more details from this study and how NTT DATA helped a major U.S. bank assess the efficacy of IT tools and services across the enterprise, measure performance against employee experience goals, and create a roadmap for the organization to transform its IT services to meet the demands of a modern workforce.

NTT DATA Services Lisa Woodley

Lisa Woodley

Vice President, Customer Experience & Digital

NTT DATA Services

Reimagining the Employee Experience: Place Employees at the Heart of Your Strategy and See Even Greater Returns




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