The Healthcare Industry Awakens

Successful players in the healthcare industry can’t afford to be complacent—it’s time to evaluate the past and properly predict the future. Our video series, “Life: Awakening of the Healthcare Industry,” explores ways to lay a foundation to connect the patient, payer and provider. As part of our groundbreaking Wake Up video series, “Life” envisions a seamless relationship between people, technology and the world we live in. Here, we meet Karen, a fictional executive who gets a glimpse into the future.

Karen is led by Entity, her virtual assistant, to a world where healthcare is about monitoring and preventing disease or illness, rather than treating it. It’s a world in which a proactive approach is guided by sensors and Internet of Things expertise, and an electronic health record goes anywhere and everywhere. It’s a world where cutting-edge cybersecurity ushers in a new era of predictive medicine. Karen’s journey is augmented by interviews with real-life NTT DATA and industry experts. Join us by watching our Wake Up videos and explore our leading healthcare services.

Until now, medicine treated the illness. In the healthcare future, medicine will treat the patient.