The Awakening of Telecommunications

Telecommunications is at a crossroads. It’s the industry that pioneered our digital world, and embracing new technology is critical in retaining that leadership position. In our series “Share: Awakening of the Telco and Media Industries,” you’ll learn how it can be done. As part of our groundbreaking Wake Up video series, “Share” envisions a seamless relationship between people, technology and the world we live in.

In this series, we follow Simon, a fictional executive who glimpses into the future of his industry. With the help of his virtual assistant Entity, he explores data storage, cloud and visualization, privacy and security—and the promise of new markets. His journey is augmented by interviews with real-life NTT DATA and telecom industry experts. Join us in this futuristic video series and explore our next-gen telecom services.

Pure communication service providers no longer will exist. The future belongs to a telecommunications digital service provider.