Digital Manufacturing

Are You Ready for Manufacturing 4.0?

The face of manufacturing is changing, with technology the main impetus. We’ve got deep manufacturing technology expertise, and we want to share it with you. With years of experience and proven industry-specific services, we help you implement digitized intelligent platforms that enable best-in-class manufacturing processes, so your business can thrive.

We understand the challenges manufacturers face every day. Downward pressure on pricing, ever-evolving regulatory requirements, global logistics and competitive pressures driven by an increasingly connected and digitized economy. We can help you discover innovative ways to meet those challenges and to maximize customer satisfaction, reduce downtime, surpass best in class productivity goals and create world-class products.

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New Imperatives of Manufacturing 4.0

Frost & Sullivan finds manufacturing companies invest one to two percent of annual revenues, on average, toward plant-specific digital initiatives. Manufacturing 4.0 (M4.0) is driving many of these endeavors. Our jointly authored white paper shows you how to navigate digital success.


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Our Smart Operations solution gives you end-to-end visibility of industrial and shop-floor assets and transforms IoT historical and real-time data into actionable insights.


Although data is more abundant than at any time in history, manufacturers must overcome significant obstacles to leverage that data. We can help.

Manufacturing 4.0 Transformation

Manufacturing 4.0 is here. Are you ready? Success requires strategic planning, partnerships and investment—but smarter, faster and simpler business operations make it well worth the effort.

Our point of view paper explores the leadership role IT must play in all the stages of manufacturing transformation. We also share enablers, challenges and the three steps you should take to achieve your Manufacturing 4.0 goals.


Our Services

Data Analytics & AI

Design and implement the right data analytics and AI strategy to get the intelligence you need to transform and sustain business value.


Dynamic Workplace

Meet changing user expectations and empower your workforce by leveraging our proven user experience focus.


IoT - Internet of Things

Provide end-to-end IoT solutions and leverage existing equipment and data to make the most of your technology investments.


Application Management

Get a streamlined, modern and insights-driven application portfolio while automating your processes.

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Are You Up to the Challenge?

To create a more holistic and connected ecosystem, it’s time to embrace the technology behind Manufacturing 4.0. Digital, automation, big data, IoT and dynamic workforce solutions are all pieces of the puzzle. We’ll help you put them together.

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Four Steps to a Dynamic Workplace

For a dynamic workplace transformation to succeed, companies must have an executable plan. But more important, that plan must provide measurable business value.