Snowflake Data Cloud for Healthcare

Improve decision-making and patient outcomes using data analytics, automation, and AI

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Deliver Deeply Personalized and Secure Healthcare Experiences

Today’s healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and organizations must quickly adapt to changing trends and expectations. Rising costs and changing disease profiles have made patient personalization essential. In addition, patients and care providers demand seamless and secure digital experiences that mirror online shopping and banking. Healthcare organizations must balance these issues with their current operational requirements while keeping up with new industry challenges and changing regulations.

Use data to act quickly and decisively with Snowflake—you’ll improve accessibility, security and insights with minimal maintenance. As a Snowflake Elite Consulting Partner and strategic HCLS partner, we can upgrade your digital capabilities with our deep industry experience and proven solutions. Our global expertise combined with Snowflake’s insight, analytical power, and agile, collaborative tools deliver better results and deeply personalized experiences.

Our Services

Health Plan Business Insights Engine Powered by Snowflake

Modernize your enterprise data warehouse in half the time and cost while accelerating patient and member experiences and driving rapid innovation.

Healthcare Data Bank as a Service & Chronic Disease Predictive Analytics

Develop and train advanced analytics models on a robust patient data set using an AI-powered healthcare care management system.

Patient Experience Personalization & Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

Optimize your patient experience and engagement by harnessing existing data and processes through an innovative centralized provider platform.

Why Snowflake for Healthcare?

Drive the next chapter in healthcare innovation with Snowflake—you’ll harness modern advanced analytics for deeper insights and better decision-making.


Advanced data and analytics capabilities, enhanced interoperability, borderless data access


Industry expertise, partnerships and solutions, better patient outcomes


Managed compliance costs, strict data security and governance


Extensive data marketplace, AI and ML models trained with large volumes of datasets

Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, is the #1 Snowflake content partner globally two years running and winner of the Snowflake Ski Lift award.

Snowflake Data Cloud for Healthcare