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Maximise Your Azure Investment

The hyper-scalability of the cloud brings new meaning to flexibility, elasticity and resiliency – and it’s redefining the way applications are architected and delivered. Device and data proliferation mean customers want to – and can – do so much more with their IT assets, with cloud providing the computing resources to do so. And a pay-as-you-go model provides a fail-fast, agile method of app development. Because of these capabilities, CIOs are demanding a new approach to data governance and security. As a leading cloud managed services provider, we work with clients to embrace this paradigm shift.

From consulting to migrations to operations management, you will reap the benefits that come with cloud adoption. Our Azure Managed Services is built around DevOps, automation and cloud-native application design. Use the best Azure features while designing solutions – be it IaaS, PaaS or SaaS offerings – in order to meet your unique business requirements. A one-stop shop for customers providing a common support, provisioning and billing experience, all with a flexible pay-as-you-go business model. Start your transformation today.

Simplify Management and Support

We focus on the security, governance and performance of your Azure environment to allow you to focus on what you do best.


Assess your IT environment and determine the data and apps that are viable opportunities for Azure migration


Migrate viable workloads and re-platform applications to run in the cloud and optimise those workloads


Deliver on SLAs and uptime guarantees, monitor Azure and hybrid cloud environments and ensure proper governance

ISG named us a global Leader and U.S. Product Challenger for public cloud transformation in its Provider Lens Quadrant Report. – January 2019

Our Services


Operate your Azure environment with resource and O/S monitoring, identity and access management, asset management and change management services.

Enhanced Baseline

Scale your Azure operations with ITSM integration, incident management, monitoring and alerting, reporting, automation, financial management and backup services.

Platform Operations

Run your Azure platform with container operations, O/S support, database management, service catalogue, SAP operations, managed backup and architecture services.

Workload Operations

Prepare your workloads for expected and unexpected events with disaster recovery, performance analysis and cost optimisation services.

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We’re an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

As a Microsoft Azure MSP, we offer seven discrete areas of functional support. Within each function, we can deliver a spectrum of services depending on your needs and capabilities. See how to free your team from time-consuming IT management and maintenance by letting us manage your cloud-based virtual data centre and serve as your IT extension.