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Automating infrastructure delivery with greater consistency

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Achieve Infrastructure as Code With AWS Cloud Configuration Management

A key tool in our configuration management toolset, AWS CloudFormation provides a common language for you to describe and provision all the IT resources in your AWS infrastructure. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has revolutionised how we manage infrastructure and AWS CloudFormation can play a foundational role in this process, defining and deploying services while maintaining and upgrading your IT environment. Our AWS experts can help you create AWS CloudFormation templates that configure and provision infrastructure resources.

That means you will effectively support DevOps processes like a fast, reliable continuous delivery pipeline. AWS CloudFormation keeps IaC flowing smoothly and benefiting the entire system through greater consistency and security, and easier version management which gives DevOps teams greater control and enhanced productivity. Learn how our AWS consultants can help you reduce maintenance and improve security, consistency and developer self-service with AWS CloudFormation.

NTT DATA earned the AWS Service Validation for AWS CloudFormation Delivery. – November 2020

Key Benefits

Support DevOps processes and implement IaC in an automated, consistent way with AWS CloudFormation.

Offering Details

AWS CloudFormation enables extreme automation of AWS components, provisioning and configuring entirely through code. With AWS CloudFormation, developers can achieve and scale DevOps processes with high-level, reusable modules that make patterns readily available to

application teams, creating greater reusability, predictability and stability. Simplify the creation of your AWS resources while standardising for enhanced security and reduced risk that grows productivity.

NTT DATA’s AWS certified consultants can help you manage cloud-native applications and services at scale with AWS CloudFormation automation. Learn how we can help you reduce maintenance and grow developer self-service with our cloud configuration services.