Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

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Virtual AWS Resources to Meet Every Compute Capacity Need

A virtual cloud infrastructure service offered by AWS, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides on-demand computing resources through which you can create powerful servers and applications in the cloud – just as you would for on-premises infrastructure. With Amazon EC2, you can start and allocate virtual machines as needed for your application. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources at web scale.

Our AWS certified consultants rely on EC2 as foundational building blocks to help you build scalable, secure enterprise grade applications that meet even the most demanding of conditions. Amazon EC2 offers a wide variety of compute options to meet the needs of your various workloads and use cases. Let our experienced team guide you through the process of selecting the best-fit virtual computing environment for your needs.

NTT DATA earned the AWS Service Validation for Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Delivery. – November 2020

Key Benefits

Achieve a secure, elastic, high-performance computing environment with Amazon EC2 web service interfaces.

Offering Details

NTT DATA’s AWS consulting services help you modernise your systems with AWS. Whether you are migrating existing applications to EC2 and modernising them with

an AWS microservices architecture using Amazon EC2 Container or beginning with a greenfield opportunity, AWS EC2 can help ensure you develop a best practice

architecture that is secure and scalable. See how our AWS experts can help you optimise the benefits of AWS with Amazon EC2’s extensible building blocks.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud