AWS Security Practice

Build system confidence with secure, compliant AWS environments

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Achieve AWS Security With Agility

Proactively address cloud security, risk and compliance with systems that use modern principles to keep pace with the speed of business. Cloud security is an all-encompassing practice that should permeate infrastructure. Automated security policy helps achieve scalability that minimises maintenance efforts, reduces human error and gains continuous compliance.

Enterprises can effectively achieve AWS security with agility with DevSecOps design principles including immutable containers, infrastructure as code and CI/CD. AWS security best practices can strengthen any cloud security regime while helping begin a cloud journey on a secure footing. See how we can help.

NTT DATA earned the AWS Security Competency, which demonstrates our expertise in securing enterprise clouds. – November 2020

Key Benefits

Gain AWS security from the ground up by partnering with highly technical AWS certified engineers and architects.

Offering Details

Our AWS certified engineers and architects build safe cloud foundations that start with CIS rules dashboards, hardened AWS accounts, monitoring, logging and alerts as well as best-practices that achieve corporate compliance.

We achieve security as code with new elastic platforms like immutable containers, infrastructure as code and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) where security policies are automated for continuous, automated auditing.

NTT DATA’s AWS security services automate secrets with best practice processes for secret management and governance. And, we protect web-facing applications, client data and intellectual property with AWS WAF web application security.