Maximising SAP Assets for the Business

For many enterprises, SAP applications form a central system of real-time information that empowers the company to effectively control critical business processes. As an SAP Leonardo Medallion Initiative participant and SAP Model Company partner, we help companies maximise the value, best practices, agility and speed of their SAP investments. We help you harness the full potential of SAP assets through application modernisation with AWS.

Our experienced AWS consulting organisation accelerates modernisation with AWS technology. As your innovation partner, our team helps you realise SAP’s full potential with a strong AWS infrastructure for advanced agility and cost optimisation while achieving cloud-based scalability, security and performance. Let our global AWS SAP team help you modernise and grow business transformation. Arrange a proof of concept today.

ISG named us a Leader in SAP HANA Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. – July 2019

Key Benefits

Modernise your SAP environment with AWS infrastructure that grows efficiency, predictability, cost optimisation and the ability to innovate for the business.

Offering Details

Our AWS certified teams help design and build best practice cloud foundations for SAP on AWS, migrating complex, process intensive systems to AWS. In the process enterprises benefit from AWS flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Transform your SAP platform infrastructure with our AWS SAP advisory team that will help you take advantage of cloud-native features for advanced business impact. Our ongoing support services ensure your post migration success,

enabling the health of your SAP applications, and just as importantly, continuous business improvement through real-time SAP data-driven insights. Build long-term agility, grow innovation and benefit from DevOps automation with an SAP infrastructure on AWS.

Nelson Hall named us a Leader in SAP HANA and S4/HANA Services – April 2019