Plan, Build, Manage and Secure Your Cloud

Enterprises and, consequently, IT functions are undergoing massive transformations enabled by the speed and agility of cloud, leading to cloud transformation becoming a strategic priority. Enterprises don’t just want to adopt cloud for specific use-cases, but rather leverage the full potential of cloud, spanning not only key benefits related to fiscal efficiencies, but also options across multi or hybrid cloud, and cloud native applications. IT is shedding legacy architectures and replacing it with next-gen technologies to maximize these evolving platforms. Yet, many enterprises are unprepared for adopting an effective and holistic cloud transformation strategy.

Driving these benefits in a world of increasing complexity creates a compelling case for a credible partner to augment your internal capabilities and help navigate this journey, which is customized to your specific evolution stage, starting point and target end-state. Cloud Transformation Services encompass cloud consulting, actual movement to the cloud, and financial, operational and application management in the cloud. We bring together capabilities across multiple cloud providers, ‘best-of-breed’ partnerships, global expertise and proprietary NTT DATA expertise. We continue to invest and build our capabilities to serve you in your cloud transformation journey.

We’re a Leader in Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud adoption boosts agility, shortens time to market, reduces costs, and plays a pivotal role in digital transformation success. But where do you start? NelsonHall has recognized NTT DATA as a Leader in the 2018 Cloud Advisory, Assessment & Migration Services NEAT. Learn why you should partner with us.


Cloud Advisory

Assess, plan, and design your cloud transformation program with our experienced consultants, industry best practices, first-rate tools and automation.


Cloud Implementation

Shed legacy applications with full-stack, next-gen deployment and migration services using cloud-native tools and DevOps services.


Cloud Management

Drive maximum value from your multi-cloud investments with a managed virtual data center, cloud brokerage and orchestration, and cloud native services.


NTT DATA has 2,500 cloud architects, practitioners and engineers supporting hundreds of clients undergoing cloud transformation.