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The Coca-Cola Company increases agility, business velocity and global competitiveness with IT services.

Business Need

The Coca-Cola Company continually evaluates consumer and industry trends, and evolves its processes and tools to improve agility, flexibility and velocity. 


Coca-Cola partnered with NTT DATA to manage the end-user landscape and serve as a strategic partner in developing innovative solutions to automate an increasingly mobile workforce.


  • Increases global competitiveness and agility 
  • Improves customer support with 360-degree insight 
  • Reduces costs and redirects savings into global branding

“Twelve months after we contacted NTT DATA, 10,000 of our employees were using a new solution… Our sales force associates now have a 360-degree view of what’s happening with customer accounts”.

Javier Polit Former CIO,  Bottling Investments Group, The Coca-Cola Company

Rather than just looking at the car in front of them, the best drivers focus at least half a mile ahead on the road so they know what’s coming and have more time to adjust their course to meet changing conditions. The same is true in business. As an industry leader, The Coca-Cola Company is already taking steps to achieve goals set well into the 21st century. And it recognised that it needed to further drive its agility, flexibility and velocity to achieve its vision. 

The Coca-Cola Company moves at a fast pace to meet consumer demand and keep its leading industry position. Every day, people in more than 200 countries consume 1.9 billion servings of its products. So when desktop issues started to slow efficiency and increase costs, the company engaged NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services. Javier Polit, chief information officer of the Bottling Investments Group of The Coca-Cola Company, says, “It was difficult to keep all our IT associates in the field up to speed with all the different desktop technologies that continue to change. We needed to develop solutions with more effective processes for maintaining desktops with current technologies. They could deliver this”. 

Improving service levels, productivity and savings

Today NTT DATA Services monitors and manages 25,000 users across The Coca-Cola Company’s North America locations. “We’ve been able to improve the level of service we provide employees”, Polit says. “We don’t have as many technology issues now, but when we do they’re resolved faster. Our employees’ IT satisfaction ratings have improved significantly, and the productivity of our business units has also increased. We’ve also reduced costs and redirected some of those savings into branding and other business areas”. 

Increasing insight to boost efficiency

The Coca-Cola Company and its Bottling Investments Group worked with NTT DATA Services to develop IT solutions, even if services are not a part of the solution. For example, to help mobile sales staff provide more responsive customer support, the company had NTT DATA Services help design and implement a customised sales force automation platform. “Twelve months after we contacted NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services about this, 10,000 of our employees were using a new solution that includes new smartphones, AirWatch and software that runs on tablets our technologists helped design in their R&D lab. Our sales force associates now have a 360-degree view of what’s happening with customer accounts. Processes that used to take hours now take minutes”.

Fine-tuning the business to stay in front of the pack

To ensure that it’s continuing to shape industry trends rather than following them, the Coca-Cola Company is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to garner new types of consumer insight. “In many ways, we’re leading the way from an IoT perspective in our vertical”, Polit explains. “Our relationship with NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services provides access to thought leadership. I can have good discussions with engineers and executives to connect the dots across my industry, see what the trends are and plan accordingly”. The company is also working with NTT DATA Services to migrate mainframe-based workloads to the cloud. “Software as a service makes it possible to respond to business changes quicker by increasing agility, especially in delivering new capabilities”, Polit explains. 

A clear roadmap for decades of success

Today, Fortune magazine ranks The Coca-Cola Company number one for global competitiveness, people management, use of corporate assets and social responsibility. “We’ve been able to improve our day-to-day business processes and economic models – and build disruptive solutions that help us differentiate ourselves”, says Polit. “I can also pick up the phone or text our NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services representatives to answer a very specific question or discuss strategic IT solutions. It is great to have a partner that’s accessible”.*

*This case study was originally written by Dell Services, which has become NTT DATA Services as of November 2016.