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Masergy stabilises its Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform implementation for accounting and financial reporting and cuts its monthly closing cycle by two days.

Services Provided: Oracle Services
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Masergy cuts its monthly closing cycles, reduces payment cycles and improves user efficiency by using Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform with deployment help from NTT DATA.


Business Need

After deploying the Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform for its finance operations, Masergy experienced stabilisation issues which delayed monthly closings and caused inefficiencies that frustrated users.


NTT DATA consultants assessed the situation, and working closely with Masergy’s accounting and IT teams, properly configured the Oracle solution enabling new features and provided training.


  • Shortens financial closing times by two days
  • Reduces the payment cycles by 75%
  • Reduces intercompany balances by 75%
  • Eliminates manual operations and errors
  • Improves efficiency with automated interfaces
  • Enables users to work faster and easier
Terri Cook headshot Terri Cook Vice President and Controller,  Masergy

“Our Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation was stabilised quickly, so we could start getting value from it after NTT DATA corrected its configurations and automated our workflows.”

Enterprises of all sizes worldwide are deploying software-defined, wide-area network (SD-WAN) to adopt cloud-based delivery of IT services over the internet and enable Internet of Things (IoT) operating models. For three years running, Masergy’s simple, secure and highly scalable managed SD-WAN has been considered the most visionary among the leading global providers, as designated by the Magic Quadrant Gartner, Inc.

In fact, Masergy moves data – lots of it – for more than 2,500 enterprise customers spanning 170 nations. According to Terri Cook, Masergy’s vice president and controller, both performance of the company’s SD-WAN platform and customer service differentiate it in the market.

“If customers can’t get their data where they need it to be, their operations could come to a halt or slow down, so they depend on Masergy to get that data to its destination in a secure and timely manner,” Cook says. “That also applies to our own organisation, so we can be responsive to our customers and investors.”

Migrating to the Oracle Fusion Cloud

For their part, Cook’s team needs timely access to financial data in order to pay vendors promptly, to provide reports to management and to close the books each quarter, among their many responsibilities. For years they relied on an premises-based Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) of financial applications but decided to upgrade to the latest Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform. “We wanted to take advantage of the newest features and felt it would be an easy transition to move from one Oracle platform to another,” she says.

After some initial implementation challenges with a third-party integrator, Cook called in NTT DATA to discuss Oracle Services. A strategic partner with Oracle for more than 20 years, NTT DATA is a highly specialised Oracle Platinum Cloud Premier Partner with extensive experience in Oracle Cloud applications, middleware and databases.

“Our Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation was stabilised quickly, so we could start getting value from it, after NTT DATA corrected its configurations and automated our workflows,” Cook says. “Their statement of work was so specific, even the split between on and offshore tasks, that we realised they knew exactly what they had to fix in our deployment and how they would optimise it so we could get all the functionality we had paid for.”

Streamlined workflows and more efficient users

Accounting Manager Mercy Ngatia appreciated the thoroughness of the NTT DATA approach. “With so many workflows through the Oracle system, our NTT DATA consultants took the time to understand them not only overall but from our users’ perspectives, too,” she says. “Those insights enabled them to then tailor more efficient ways of working for users.”

For example, the NTT DATA consultants would sit with every team member to discover each one’s responsibilities and how each worked day to day. “These insights enabled the consultants to point out ways users could engage different but relevant functionalities of the Oracle Fusion, so they could do their jobs faster and easier,” Ngatia says.

According to Ngatia, during the initial Oracle Fusion implementation, vendor invoices could be misplaced, and their payments delayed. What’s more, reconciling those invoices and payments with the correct journal entries across three Masergy subsidiary companies was manually done. “We cut our payments and intercompany cycle times each by 75 percent after NTT DATA fixed our Oracle Fusion implementation,” she says.

Back on track, reducing closing cycles by a third

Senior Software Engineer Manjeera Chandra supports Masergy’s Controlling organisation and welcomed the expert assistance of NTT DATA in putting the Oracle Fusion implementation back on track. “We’ve been able to automate the various interfaces and streamline the workflows substantially, with NTT DATA’s guidance, now our vendors’ invoices get paid on time, and our employees’ expense reports are no longer delayed,” she says. “It’s made my job much easier, especially with dramatically fewer user issues to address. This gives me more time to learn the system and explore its vast functionality.”

Chandra worked closely with the on-site NTT DATA consultants daily and, as needed, with the offshore experts assigned to the project. While she valued their know-how, communications skills and responsiveness no matter where they resided, she was especially impressed with her NTT DATA on-site counterpart’s availability. “No matter what time of day or night and on weekends, if I had a question, I could reach him or get a call-back or email reply within minutes.”

Today, Masergy’s Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform is running smoothly with all functionality fully operational, just as Oracle designed and engineered it to do. Cook finds that her finance staff is much more efficient and more responsive to both internal and external demands.

“We have banks as customers that we have to report to in a timely manner; our sales teams need metrics to help sell our services; and our line-of-business owners need their data to monitor their performance,” she says. “Importantly, we cut our monthly closing cycle from six days to just four, now that NTT DATA has stabilised and optimised our Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform.”

As Cook sees it, the proper implementation of the Oracle platform by NTT DATA has generated substantial time-savings throughout her organisation. “We have literally bought ourselves multiple days in each month that we can work on more strategic projects and deliver more value to the business and to our customers,” she says.