INDUSTRY Internet Shopping Comparison

LeGuide cuts IT spend by around €400,000 [£348,888] a year and refocuses resources on IT development by switching to a managed cloud

Business Need

LeGuide looked to reduce its IT costs while refocusing technology spend on developing services instead of routine administration.


LeGuide engaged NTT DATA to run the infrastructure supporting its growing Internet-shopping business from the cloud so IT staff could focus on development work instead of management.


  • Refocuses around 83% of IT management resources to development
  • Cuts IT management costs by around €400,000 [£348,888] a year
  • Maximises IT agility to support business growth

LeGuide quickly put its freed-up resources to good use, redeploying 83% of IT admin to development and driving IT innovation.

Leading European shopping network LeGuide needs costeffective IT. Operating in a highly competitive environment where margins are tight, every euro invested in IT needs to deliver maximum value.

Seeks to lower datacentre expenditure

Traditionally, LeGuide operated its own data centre to support the company’s websites. But the cost of running the data centre increased as the business grew. LeGuide had to maintain an expanding team of IT staff, whose roles included hardware provisioning and operating system (OS) patching. The firm was spending around €480,000 [£348,888] each year on IT admin alone. This wasn’t the only cost concern. Every three to five years, the organisation had to go through time-consuming and expensive server refresh cycles.

Finds an IT services company to provide the answer

To reduce costs and improve IT agility, LeGuide looked for an infrastructure services provider. The goal was to reduce spend and refocus IT resources on development work. LeGuide engaged NTT DATA to deliver the infrastructure supporting its Internet shopping comparison business through a managed cloud.

Working with an NTT DATA team, LeGuide migrated its systems from the data centre to the managed cloud solution. As part of that process, it switched the data from a purely physical server environment to a virtual server infrastructure based on the VMware ESXi hypervisor. At the same time, LeGuide also handed over responsibilities of key management tasks such as hardware provisioning and OS patching to NTT DATA.

Redeploys around 83% of IT admin to development

LeGuide has refocused its IT resources towards development and away from routine management by adopting NTT DATA infrastructure services. IT admin can now be completed by two staff instead of 12, allowing LeGuide to reassign 10 IT personnel to development work.

Cuts IT management costs by around €400,000 [£348,888] a year

The organisation has saved significant resources with NTT DATA. It has reduced IT management spend by around €400,000 [£348,888] a year, helping the IT department align itself more closely with the wider business and support the requirement to lower the company’s running costs.

Boosts IT agility to support business growth

LeGuide no longer has to engage in server refresh cycles every three to five years. In fact, NTT DATA can scale the IT behind the LeGuide websites on-demand. Soon after migrating to the managed cloud solution, LeGuide needed more capacity for its websites. But rather than spend weeks procuring and provisioning the hardware to support this, LeGuide turned to NTT DATA, which added 30 more virtual servers to the cloud environment in a matter of hours.

Maximises data-centre uptime to enhance services to customers

LeGuide has also increased uptime thanks to the stability of the NTT DATA cloud service. With NTT DATA running the LeGuide environment 24x7, availability has been boosted. For LeGuide, it means more reliable IT and for LeGuide customers, it means a great online shopping experience time after time.*

*This case study was originally written by Dell Services, which has become NTT DATA Services as of November 2016.