Corporate Social Responsibility

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Leveraging Technology for Society

NTT DATA is committed to operating ethically and finding ways to solve environmental and social problems globally and locally. Here’s a snippet of how we contribute every day:


Every December, during NTT DATA’s Global Volunteer Week, employees join together to collect clothes, food, blankets, toys and eyeglasses. We clean beaches, parks and roads, plant trees and paint schools. In addition, we support children in need, the disabled, the aged and our veterans. The variety of our efforts reflects the diversity of our teams and our dedication to their communities.

The Environment

NTT DATA’s goal is to continually reduce the environmental impact of our hardware. We develop systems that shorten running time and minimise the movement of people and things. Our environmental efforts include educating employees, purchasing goods and services with a relatively low environmental impact, and recycling and reducing waste in our offices.

Closing the Gender Gap

The Women’s Initiative @ NTT DATA (WIN) is designed to support the personal and professional development of our female employees in India. With defined policies and initiatives regarding maternity, fitness and stress, safety, self-defence and sabbatical leave, our goal is to make NTT DATA the employer of choice for women. The success of WIN in India has paved the way for the creation of a Global WIN team with the goal of minimising the gender gap in professional development and increasing the numbers of women represented in management positions.


NTT DATA’s Global Compliance Policy outlines standards that guide our daily actions with regard to ethics, laws and regulations.