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NTT DATA’s clinical integration for prenatal health

Maternity wards host, arguably, some of the most memorable moments of people’s lives. At NTT DATA, we have helped bring the latest technologies to Canadian pre- and post-natal care centers with the clinical information that makes a difference.  All modern hospitals run on data, and our integrations are woven into clinical workflow experience so that health teams have the data they need quickly and efficiently.

For high-risk pregnancies, the ability to obtain, track, and document critical fetal ultrasound measurements and findings are crucial in providing care to both a mother, and her unborn baby.

Recently, NTT DATA has brought another layer of close integration and data sharing into reality. In this project, our team worked closely with clinical teams to help design and implement a system that electronically captures all obstetric ultrasound findings, images, measurements, and exam data. Using universal HL7 interfaces, the system was configured to import patient data, orders, and visit information from the master ordering system (RIS, or Radiology Information System) so sonographers and physicians see their patient’s data in one location. Our integration with the provincial medical imaging database (i.e. PACS) now allows for digital images captured during the ultrasound to be archived and easily retrievable at any time.

Leveraging the existing RIS and PACS solutions, the new system workflow supports the unique reporting and research requirements. It transfers information between care providers and facilitates documentation by clinicians. Customized, highly professional, easy-to-read reports can be embedded with both ultrasound images and charts.

By tightening the integration between these moving parts, clinical staff has a deeper view of the data in less time; what’s more, the data is shown in context with each other, creating a more understandable narrative of each case. Currently in use by physicians, this important integration of data is transformed into critical decision-making to support maternity cases.

We at NTT DATA are proud to bring this additional layer of support and comfort to new families and use the energy to continue to push the boundaries of clinical IT in Canada.

*This was originally written by Sierra Systems Group Inc., which has become NTT DATA Services as of December 17, 2018.

Post Date: 2019-11-15