With Formidable SAP Experience Ravi Puri Helps Clients Reach New Heights

Blog /With Formidable SAP Experience, Ravi Puri Helps Clients Reach New Heights
NTT DATA Services Ravi Puri Blog Profile

For Ravi Puri, the sky’s the limit. A licensed pilot for 25 years, Ravi carries on a tradition of flight, just one of his many family members flying in military, commercial and recreational settings. But it took a very personal experience to transform his love of flight into that of service—helping families arrange free air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions.

Now imagine what this kind of ingenuity, determination and compassion means for his clients. As Senior VP of Application Services he brings a wealth of experience as a digital leader serving clients of all sizes and missions. Ravi has more than 20 years of experience in digital enterprise solutions leadership across multiple industries. And that passion helps clients reach new heights.

You have deep expertise in the SAP ecosystem and bring with it a unique viewpoint. What is NTT DATA doing differently and how does it benefit clients?

We have combined the NTT DATA SAP practice with all our global SAP practices as part of an end-to-end end integration including itelligence, everis, and NTT Communications. The result? ONE NTT FOR SAP — a globally focused market focused team that brings stronger capabilities and strengths to the marketplace so our clients work with ONE NTT, rather than several related companies.

We’re also one of only few partners chosen to be an SAP model company, which means we use specific industry templates that reduce the time to value. We’ve also organized our team the same way that SAP goes to market. We have a value engineering team that aligns to SAP’s value engineering team, and SOLEX, a solutions extension team that matches to SAP’s flex teams. We’ve also added a new global ecosystems and enablement position, held by Karl Kesselring, an executive at SAP for 25 years, to leverage NTT as a channel for SAP to collectively drive work in the marketplace together.

We’re proud to invest in certification and training of 15,000 certified resources, making us one of SAP’s key partners, and we’re organized vertically, with industry specific content, to better serve our clients.

What are some of the trends in the SAP ecosystem, and how is NTT DATA responding to them?

The first is digital transformation. If you look SAP as a technology and a solution, digital is everything we’re doing. We’re taking traditional business models and radically disrupting them for a digital economy. We’re taking strategy, technology and people into consideration and integrating the virtual and physical.

The second trend is machine learning and artificial intelligence. We work with AI, deep learning, big data and preemptive analytics, and we understand where consumer demand is going to go based on behavior patterns.

The third? Blockchain. Blockchain is huge. It allows us to take what historically has been difficult to accomplish with processes, data and the like, and harness a technology that allows a better value chain from planning to the cash process. We call this our “plan, buy, make, move, sell” model. For example, transportation logistics all the way through sales process. That’s what Blockchain can do now, and something in which NTT DATA has an immense capability.

The fourth trend is the Internet of Things, which includes RPA, machine to machine, Internet of Everything and more. We can use SAP technology to take things that serve us and connect them in a way that makes life easier for people and accelerates commerce and the enablement of consumer demand.

And finally, there’s cloud computing. We are living in an “as a service” world, where technology becomes something you consume on demand. Be it Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, or anything else, clients want to consume technology as a utility on demand that’s covered by OPEX spend instead of CAPEX spend. Clients are not interested in sitting behind a firewall; they want to own licenses. Clients want to use capital for core business. And cloud computing has evolved to the point where the technology runs the process and workflow –but not necessary on premise. The market is consuming solutions faster than before, solutions that are very specific to the industry and can be delivered more quickly with more features and benefits.

In addition to serving as our SVP, you’re also a pilot and board director of the Pediatric Critical Care Angel Flight organization. Tell us more about that.

Twenty-one years ago, my wife and I were planning the birth of our first child. During the delivery, we discovered we had twins, but sadly, we lost the second child. When our daughter turned 21, she confided, “I have this deep feeling of loss or absence, I can’t put my finger on it, is there anything happened in my life that I need to know about?” We hadn’t ever told her that she was a twin and that her sibling hadn’t made it.

It was clear that her sister had always been with her.

This experience affected her deeply and drove all of us to dedicate ourselves to help others in need. We created an organization called Angel Flight that focuses on pediatric critical care and provides free transportation for those seeking medical treatment. We also find temporary housing, food assistance and job training assistance to help these families. It is our mission as a family to help those going through pediatric critical care issues as we understand so deeply and so personally what these parents are going through.

Service, passion and new heights. That’s just the kind of person our SAP Services clients have backing them up.

Post Date: 2019-04-09