Do We Really Need That Many Wellness Apps?

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Did you know there are more than 165,000 health- and wellness-related apps on iOS? In part, it’s because there are so many stakeholders in the wellness arena. Individuals want to be healthier, employers want to increase productivity and (perhaps) promote wellness programs to help with retention, and health insurers  are highly motivated to keep members healthy.

In Who Should Own Healthcare Apps, published on ModernMedicine Network, we look at how these apps could be structured for maximum benefit to all: individual, employer, and health insurer. For example, to encourage employees to use an employer-supplied wellness app, it should also be the place where they can report hours worked, ask questions of co-workers or management, trade shifts or ask for vacation coverage, and learn about all offered benefits. Other advice in the article includes how to build apps that are relevant to remote workers and the number one way to empower individuals to make better choices about their health.

Post Date: 2016-07-04