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By Rakesh Jangid, PMP, Senior Director - SAP Practice, NTT DATA, Inc.

The purpose of CRM is to better align marketing, sales, services; and the CRM promise is to allow businesses and customers to form better relationships. As an acronym, CRM became popular in the mid ’90s. The robust software we know today evolved from multiple siloed systems. The problem with these early systems, in large part was that they are disparate, costly, and inflexible.   Modern-day CRM grew out of the need for a centralized application that tied together and codified all facets of customer interaction. This would enable companies to improve service and sales by gaining a deeper, more accurate, and up-to-date understanding of their customers and by providing a scalable solution that meets the needs of ever-changing business dynamics.

Enter the modern consumer

In a time when the balance of power has shifted to the consumer, companies are struggling with how to obtain a 360-degree view of their custom­ers and put this information into the hands of customer-facing employees.

Realizing the limitations, many companies are now seeking solutions that support end-to-end processes spanning all relevant areas of the enterprise as they strive to generate new growth and keep  costs at bay. Today, ubiquitous mobility, the maturation and proliferation of e-commerce, and social media have introduced an ever-quickening pace of commerce, and an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding consumer – posing yet another round of formidable challenges for businesses striving to become customer-focused, and another test for CRM.

As a result of mobility, e-commerce, and social media, among other factors, data volumes and types are increasing exponentially.

Customers freely turn over reams of personal data. The return implied is an expectation for a consistent, accurate, high-quality interaction across all touch points, and businesses who fail to effectively provide a personalized experience that presents the right product at the right price through the right channel at the right time are not long for this world. Despite investing heavily in CRM, many businesses find themselves ill equipped to consolidate and analyze today’s exploding data quickly enough to take decisive action. Exacerbating this situation is a lingering disconnect between in-bound initiatives (contact centers, help desks, etc) and out-bound campaigns (sales, marketing, etc.).

CRM software revenue is forecast to reach $23.9 billion in 2014, with cloud revenue accounting for 49 percent. SaaS- or cloud-based CRM deployments currently represent more than 40 percent of all CRM deployments, and look set to reach 50 percent during 2015, according to Gartner Leaving the Site Icon. Social, mobile, big data, and the cloud, according to Gartner, are among the primary drivers for investing in CRM today.

Enter SAP 360 customer

Success in business hinges on better understanding customer behavior, predicting purchasing trends, identifying new sales opportunities, maintaining inventory control, gauging customer sentiment, individualizing the customer experience, strengthening customer loyalty, and unifying multiple sales channels, etc.

Announced in 2012, SAP Customer 360 Leaving the Site Icon is a packaged offing that combines SAP CRM, SAP Customer OnDemand, Jam social networking and several mobile applications to help businesses more effectively manage all aspects of their customer relationships.

Benefit of SAP Customer 360 include:

  • Enhanced Marketing – Boost demand and increase ROI
  • Increased Sales – Acquire new customers and increase existing business
  • Optimized Service – Turn service offerings into dynamic profit centers
  • Meaningful Interaction – Encourage customer loyalty
  • Better Reporting and Analytics – Confidently and quickly make decisions

SAP Customer 360 is a cloud-based application powered by SAP HANA, and is designed to easily integrate with myriad application and data sources, both on-premise and on demand. SAP 360 Customer allows businesses to interact with customers, analyze customer behavior and complete transactions in real time by providing the ability to achieve a real-time, "360-degree view" of a customer through a combination of transactional data, social networks and other sources.

Enter SAP Cloud for Customer SAP’s cloud portfolio is about flexibility, choice, and control. Solution is plug and play and enables customers to leverage existing environment while achieving business improvement at lower cost.  Choose your devices and your delivery method – private cloud, public cloud, or managed services.

Value of Customer on Cloud

  • Supports Sales, Service and Marketing
  • User based subscription pricing (includes maintenance)
  • Quick time to value
  • Native integration with SAP ERP
  • Always on current release
  • Mobility ready with off-line capability
  • Supports collobration
  • Built in Analytics
  • Multi-channel communication (Social Media, Email, Chat)

NTT DATA has delivered multiple SAP CRM projects which includes implementation, upgrades, and has certified accelerators/templates for faster deployment.

Enter SAP Customer on Cloud

Customers looking to quickly realize the value of their investment now have an option to use a subscription-based deployment (SaaS) option and still get the same powerful features of on premise through Customer on Cloud.  Customers pay for what they need and use in many cases depending on the scope, the solution can be deployed in few weeks. SAP customers can leverage the investment in the backend SAP ECC by integrating most of the customer-facing master data.

NTT DATA has delivered multiple SAP CRM projects which includes implementation, upgrades, and has certified accelerators/templates for faster deployment.

Enter Omni-Channel excellence

In 2013, SAP acquired Hybris, a rapidly growing, Swiss-based software company specializing in multi-channel e-commerce technology that helps businesses strengthen brands, solidify customer relationships, and grow revenue by empowering them to present customers a compelling and consistent experience across all channels — the Web, mobile devices, kiosks, call centers, physical locations, etc.

The Hybris multi-channel solution empowers businesses to tap a customer’s individual profile, past buying behavior and relevant product information, and based on lightning-fast analysis of this information at the point of transaction, offer an incentive such as matching an online price, or waving shipping costs, or bundling product offerings, etc.

The combination of the Hybris e-commerce platform,  SAP 360 Customer, SAP ECC along with the integration of additional SAP applications such as SAP Sales Analysis for Retail, SAP Net Margin Analysis, SAP mobile solutions, the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform,— all now powered by SAP HANA, will provide SAP customers a significant, sustainable competitive advantage in delivering new levels of personalized customer engagements and new opportunities for additional spot-on commerce offerings that are both compelling and timely.

Caveat CRM buyer

Over the last decade, multiple studies have shown than anywhere from 20 percent to over two-thirds of all CRM software efforts have either failed to live up to expectations or failed outright. As CRM has become increasingly vital over the years, it has also become increasingly complex -- with myriad integration challenges, latency issues, and user adoption challenges stymieing CRM implementation or enhancement initiatives.

SAP has gone to great lengths to mitigate CRM risks -- from HANA’s ability to eliminate latency and reduce complexity to a wealth of rapid deployment solutions (RDS) to the easy integration of SAP and non-SAP applications, both cloud and on-premise, to Fiori and SAP Personas for improved user experience.

Selecting a service provider with the requisite SAP, business process, integration, and change management skills to ensure your CRM implementation pays off now and down the road is vital.

Contact NTT DATA’s SAP CRM experts today to begin or advance your CRM journey.

Post Date: 2014-09-05