Is Your Cloud Consultant an Infrastructure Architect in Disguise?

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Shrinking or stagnant capital expenditure budgets contrasted with a growing and competitive economy are forcing many companies to reach for the cloud.  The question companies are asking now is how to incorporate cloud services into their existing architecture and governance.  In response, the number of individuals and companies touting themselves as a “Cloud Consultant” has risen dramatically. However, many of these “consultants” are little more than infrastructure architects who see the cloud as just another technology platform. 

Cloud is more than an application or an infrastructure platform.  It changes the way that companies do business and provides for a plethora of additional options and considerations.  Simply put, legacy architectures based on capital expenditures focused on the software and hardware platform that, as an internal resource, were managed under organizational policies, enterprise governance, enterprise architectures, and security and data models. In the new era of cloud, these business policies, models, governance and decisions are now much more complex.  A proper cloud consultant needs to understand not only the technology needs but also the business requirements, business process engineering, strategic objectives and the interoperability of multiple vendors, clouds and technology platforms.

Some warning signs that your Cloud Consultant is an Infrastructure Architect in disguise:

  • Their first questions are what software package you want to move to the cloud
  • They focus on the CPU, RAM and Disk requirements
  • They have a popular cloud service provider that they recommend before they understand the business goals
  • They don’t care about the business’ motivation to move or implement a cloud solution
  • They present an architecture definition based on logical diagrams of physical systems
  • Their methodology and solution does not address governance, security, or business processes

Whether you are in the evaluation phase or ready to move forward with cloud services, NTT DATA is here to help you through the full Cloud Lifecycle.

- Nathan Aeder, Senior Manager, Cloud Advisory Services – Senior Cloud Strategist

Post Date: 2014-11-19