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Before we dive into the numbers, we should bear in mind that numbers for BlackBerry are not included in this report. This is purely the numbers for all other platforms.  While BlackBerry BES servers and BlackBerry users are still in the majority of enterprises, their numbers are getting lower and lower as more companies move to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and their employees choose iOS, Android, or Windows Phone over BlackBerry devices.

Good Technology provides a quarterly report showing what has been activated on their MDM/Dual Persona platforms during that three month period.  Other MDM vendors also publish reports, for example Citrix.  Today we'll just look at the Good Technology report for Q4 2013, but it is safe to say that in previous quarters, all MDM vendor reports were very similar in the numbers they showed.

Mobile Operating Systems

Here we see that iOS had the highest activations in the enterprise at 73%. To compare with previous quarters, iOS activations were 72% in Q3 2013, and 69% in Q2 2013. So this certainly shows an upward trend.

Android activations in Q4 2013 were at 26%, while Windows Phone activations were at 1%.

Mobile Device Type

When we look at the types of mobile devices activated, and which mobile OS they are running, we see that the iOS Smartphone (iPhone) leads at 54%, which is slightly up from 54% in the previous quarter.

The Android Smartphone activations were just below 25%.

iOS Tablets (iPads) actually declined from a previous activation level of 22% in Q3 2013 to 19% in Q4 2013.

Android Tablets remained constant at 2% in Q4 2013.

Activations by Industry

If we look at the total activation numbers (including all mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), the industry that had the most activations in Q4 2013 is Financial Services at 39.3%.

Business and Professional Services followed at 19.6%.

Rounding up the top three is Manufacturing at 11.6%.

Tablet Activations

If we narrow the report to look purely at Tablet activations, we see that the iPad leads by a wide margin at 91.4% while Android tablets come in at 8.6%.

Good tablet activations by os q4 2013

Since the iPad seems to be dominating, when we look at which industries are using the iPad, we see that Financial Services leads by a wide margin at 46.8%.

Post Date: 2014-02-13