Talking About Race

We’re listening and learning

In today’s ever-changing world, the stability and strength that come from having open conversations and a shared understanding provide immeasurable benefits to those willing to participate.

"At NTT DATA, we stand for diversity and inclusion, and we unequivocally reject racism and discrimination in any form. We know our company still has work to do, but we are committed to the effort because it is through our differences that we create strength."

A Collective Action

The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is uniting the business community and working to promote diversity and inclusion by outlining a specific set of actions aimed to foster a trusting work environment. See why NTT DATA Services CEO Bob Pryor signed the pledge.

Diverse office colleagues laughing together during a meeting

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Our council drives the strategic direction of the Diversity and Inclusion Office. It is a diverse group of employees in gender, ethnicity, professional level, tenure and background from across the globe. The council brings together different perspectives to develop and drive near and long-term goals that support our culture and company success.

Championing Diversity

With multiple diversity programmes worldwide, we leverage the tremendous strength in working together toward common objectives through our Diversity Champions. Our Diversity Champions harness the power of our corporate programmes and initiatives, while driving new ideas and activities locally across the globe. The Champion Role complements our Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders in the global geographies while focusing on the diversity and inclusion initiatives in their represented locales or practices.

Group picture of NTT DATA employees, NTT DATA sticker on the back wall

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a forum for employees who share common backgrounds and interests. They also provide employees with development and engagement opportunities that support professional and personal growth while making a positive impact on business. ERGs can offer a comfortable environment for our employees in underrepresented communities to discuss issues and share ideas. But we know they do not “cure” workplace disparities and are not the solution to inequality in the workplace. They are, however, an important piece in our diversity and inclusion program, because they encourage our employees to help us as we learn how to do better together.

Staying Connected

Our ERGs give employees who share common backgrounds and interests a space to connect and collaborate.

Women Inspire NTT DATA logo


Support and develop women and their leadership capabilities



Provide programs, opportunities and support to promote an inclusive and equal experience for LGBTQ+ employees and allies at NTT DATA Services



Create awareness of the business benefits of inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in the NTT DATA Services workforce

NTT DATA Thrive ERG logo


Promote the successful inclusion of Black people throughout NTT DATA Services.

NTT DATA's Veteran ERG logo


Support U.S. Veterans by creating a community to serve those who have served our country.



Drive awareness about our environmental footprint that transforms into fostering communities that promote sustainable behaviors

Closing the Gender Gap

The Women’s Initiative @ NTT DATA (WIN) is designed to support the personal and professional development of our female employees in India. With defined policies and initiatives regarding maternity, fitness and stress, safety, self-defense and sabbatical leave, our goal is to make NTT DATA the employer of choice for women. The success of WIN in India has paved the way for the creation of a Global WIN team with the goal of minimising the gender gap in professional development and increasing the numbers of women represented in management positions. In the UK, our numbers reflect progress in the gender pay gap, showing the strides we’ve taken to promote equity. Read our UK Gender Pay Gap statement here.


Our progress

NTT DATA Services – US

Black/African American
Native American1
Two or more races

1Native American includes Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders as categorised by US government reporting standards

Terri Hatcher headshot Terri Hatcher Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer,  NTT DATA Services

“As we all experience and witness the truths behind systemic racism and inequality, our work and commitment as a company to build a more diverse and inclusive work culture is heightened. We are continually focused on providing resources and opportunities for our employees to learn, listen, self-reflect and engage in difficult conversations. Our Talking About Race site provides external sources to increase understanding and empathy. We have panel discussions and roundtables, so that we can hear stories and learn from each other. We want our employees to engage and make a commitment to be part of the change.”

John Lewis headshot

“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”

– Rep. John Lewis

Mark Pitcock, NTT DATA Services

National Coming Out Day: One story

Coming out at work is different to coming out to a loved one. NTT DATA’s Mark Pitcock shares his personal story of revealing his true self in corporate America.

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